Announcing Penta: The World’s First Comprehensive Stakeholder Solutions Firm

Announcing Penta: The World’s First Comprehensive Stakeholder Solutions Firm

Over the past two decades, businesses have faced increasingly complex, public, and global issues—spanning the 2008 financial crisis, multiple economic recessions, the COVID-19 pandemic, and a news environment that has become faster, more fractured, and more sophisticated. Today, leaders face unprecedented reputational risk, increasing and often contradictory demands from stakeholders, and growing regulatory scrutiny. At the same time, there’s a frustrating lack of comprehensive and actionable intelligence to inform stakeholder strategy and decision making.

Enter Penta: the world’s first comprehensive stakeholder solutions firm.

Penta is a new firm that brings together Hamilton Place Strategies, Flag Media Analytics, Ballast Research, alva, Decode_M, and Gotham Research Group, following a year of exciting partnerships supported by a majority capital investment by Falfurrias Capital Partners. As executives in the C-Suite account for a growing set of engaged stakeholders—all with distinct, fast-changing demands—we will work with their teams to define, inform, and strengthen decision-making and understanding. 

Penta will combine analytics and research with deep issue and communications expertise to deliver actionable insights and drive measurable impact for our clients. The newly formed firm will have a global reach, with initial offices in Washington, D.C., New York City, San Francisco, and London. 

Our team at Penta is thrilled to offer a comprehensive range of capabilities, with the power to take clients through the entire journey of stakeholder strategy and engagement. Our capabilities will include innovative custom research designed to inform branding/positioning initiatives, advertising campaigns, policy issues campaigns, crisis communications, and digital strategy. Our clients will also have the opportunity to tap into our proprietary technology to achieve data-driven insights and better understanding of issues. 

Penta enters the market with the guiding mission of prioritizing our clients—enabling us to provide end-to-end solutions for the increasingly complex challenges facing businesses today. We’re so excited to take this next step together. Please reach out with any questions. For more information, check out our new website: