What's At Stake, Communicators with Eleanor Hawkins

What's At Stake, Communicators with Eleanor Hawkins

In this week's episode of What's At Stake, hosts Bryan DeAngelis and Tucker Warren, partners from Penta's Washington, D.C. office, welcome special guest Eleanor Hawkins, reporter and author of the Axios Communicators newsletter. The discussion explores the origins and success of Axios Communicators, Eleanor's newsletter that offers insights on the latest communication trends impacting businesses, leaders, and communicators.

Eleanor shares her perspectives on emerging topics influencing corporate communications, such as the increasing value placed on soft skills by executives, the impact of AI and emerging technologies on the C-suite, and how culture wars have affected communication strategies. She also provides advice for early-career professionals on developing and leveraging soft skills and offers book recommendations for aspiring communicators.

Bryan, Tucker, and Eleanor also dive into the "shrinking sidelines" in national discourse, and discuss how communicators are preparing for the upcoming election season. Eleanor also asks Bryan and Tucker for their perspective on what makes a powerful communicator and to unpack the significance of data-driven communications throughout their careers.

The episode offers valuable insights for professionals in the communications field, covering key trends, strategies, and resources to enhance their understanding and approach to effective communication. Tune in!

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