Stakeholder Solutions

We work with our clients to define, inform, and strengthen decision-making and understanding between businesses and their stakeholders.



Corporate Strategy

Issue Management

Reputation And Brand Management / Tracking

Product Strategy And Innovation

Customer Segmentation

Executive Engagement And Positioning

Messaging And Communications / Go-to-Market

Media Relations And Crisis Management

Advertising And Digital Strategy



Momentum Measurement

Reputational Analysis

Policymaker Research

Trend Forecasting: What’s Next?

Message Testing

Media Monitoring And Analysis

Risk Assessment

ESG And DEI Analysis

Custom Research And Predictive Analytics

Public Opinion Polling

Stakeholder Mapping And Research

Our Partners

Penta serves a majority of the Fortune 50 Companies and their associations

Penta Policy Insiders

Penta brings together senior policymakers to provide data-driven insights that improve policy conversations.

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